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Mission Statement

Our Business Partners are mortgage brokers, bank loan officers, lenders, real estate agents, borrowers, buyers, and sellers.
Our Service Providers are settlement agents, abstractors, surveyors, homeowner's insurance agents, our underwriters, appraisers, pest inspectors, home inspectors and any other party that we send business to or whom rely on us to facilitate payment from the real estate transaction.
Our Employees are those persons that work directly with and solely for Meridian Settlement Concepts, Inc.

Our Mission is to provide:

Our Business Partners 
with a full range of fast, flexible, accurate and competitively priced real estate services.  Emphasizing a proactive customer service based approach which provides a progressive environment for the free sharing of ideas about the expansion of related services that fulfill their needs.
Our Service Providers with prompt payment, a friendly and positive atmosphere which fosters the sharing of ideas and the building of productive business relationships.  A proactive and forward thinking approach to insure the timely delivery of tangibles that affect the flow of business.
Our employees with an innovative, open and secure work environment that cultivates the use of solution based thought, action and accountability