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Tenancy Explained

Sole owner: an undivided ownership interest by one person with no other party having a right or interest in or to the property. Upon the death of the sole owner, the interest in the property will pass by his/her will to heirs named in the will or by intestate provisions of the laws of Maryland if there is no will. 

Joint tenants: an equal ownership interest by all parties named on the deed with rights of ownership vesting in the survivor of all owners. 

Tenants-in-common: an individual ownership interest (in a portion of equal or unequal parts) with another party and sharing a common interest and right to use as to the whole. Tenants-in-common does not provide for survivorship rights.  Plus, a will is recommended to identify the recipient of the ownership interest upon the death of one or more of the owners. 

Tenants by the entirety: this tenancy is reserved for married couples only. This is an undivided ownership by both partners, with the right to the entire property passing to the surviving partner upon the death of the other partner.